CARE: “Around 2000 female workers receive training”

Since CARE research was released in 2016, a series of actions have been carried out in order to help Cambodian women construction workers become aware of their equal rights.

Ms. Rath Kalyan, the project manager of CARE, said they are now working on a project which supported by the European Union and the Australian Development Cooperation to raise awareness among women workers and address the assumptions of their abilities so that female construction worker in Cambodia can have safe workplaces and increased opportunities.

“We have been working with employers to help them recognize the benefit of providing opportunities for their female employees and how this can help them ensure they have a productive, stable, happy workforce, ” she said.

Ms. Kalyan added that CARE also collaborates closely with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training so that issues like safety for female construction workers are addressed.

So far they have trained around 40 female construction workers, and let them train their peers at their worksites and other sites which are partners. Through such methods, they have trained around 2000 workers. They usually gather and discuss safety projection, financial management, and other family conflict resolutions.