Worker Activist: “I want our voice to be heard”

39-year-old Chok Yoeurn has worked on construction sites for 5 years. She is always concerned about safety at the site. Even though she’s never had accidents herself, she always fears she will. The new construction site she’s working on now does not provide safety equipment even though she keeps asking for it.

Yoeurn wonders why she gets paid less than men, even though she does the same work as they do.

“I asked the site manager and he said women would never be the same as men,” she said.

She joined the labour union BWTUC in 2014 through a recommendation from her colleague who received help after an accident. From there she learnt a lot about safety protection and basic workers’ rights.

Yoeurn was also one of the workers The Green Net team interviewed in 2015. For her, it was an experience that made her realize her value.

“As a labourer, it was a great honour to talk about my rights. At first I felt that, as a labourer, I could not attend an exhibition and be photographed like that as it was not for someone like me” she said.