Photographer: Neak Sophal

Green netting is used to wrap around construction sites when buildings are built. It helps protect the workers while hiding construction until complete.

Behind these nets, there are many stories we have never heard of. Having the opportunity to do research on the topic of “Female Construction Workers”, I have learnt about their work experiences and living conditions. Though we met for only a short period, they helped me enter a world where I’ve never been to before.

For me, I think they are the strongest of women. They can do the hardest of jobs without complaining. They don’t really care about the job as long as it is legal and they get paid for it. After working eight hours at the construction site, they also face additional responsibilities; they need to take care of their family, cook, clean house and wash the clothes and dishes. They accept this as their obligation and not as a burden because they do it for their family’s sake. They know that their health will not allow them to do heavy construction work forever but at least, they hope, it will help them to pay back their debts and perhaps open a small business in their hometown, in the future.

I have sewn the green net onto their photos because I want to reflect their experiences, suffering and fear through this photo exhibition. The 13 female construction workers who have contributed to this exhibit believe that these​ photos will deliver their message to the world on behalf of other construction workers.