Construction site manager: “We might lose profit by paying workers equally”

Kry Phanith is considered the youngest site manager at his workplace. At the age of 22, he has gotten this job after graduating from North University, majoring in engineering.

As his company has many projects he needs to rotate around different sites on a regular basis. At most of the construction sites, there are only two categories of workers, unskilled construction workers and skilled labourers. As unskilled construction workers, the females get paid less than males, as they cannot ask them to do heavy labour like men. They usually just mix limestone and clean the sites.

“I think if we pay female construction workers the same as males we might lose profit. Male workers can work twice as much as women since we can ask them to carry heavy cement but we cannot assign women to do those tasks,” he said, adding that his company gives workers salary based on productivity and capacity to handle tasks at hand.

Workers can stay in the temporary houses the firm built for them and have free use of electricity and water. For many workers that is a major benefit as they can save money.

Phanith said that at his company there is no insurance for construction workers, but when they have accidents the company will always take care of medical treatment and let them rest. The support systems for them are rather informal but still exist.